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Maternity Figure / Figura materna

Utilizing materials of organic origins, Maternity Figure is a proposal for the reconnection with the Earth as the mother of everything that surrounds us. Recognized as Pachamama by Andean indigenous communities, Ishtar by Mesopotamians, and Gaia by the Greeks, the ever-evolving connection between humans and earth presents a record of human life passages. Suspended from the ceiling, a spiral holds hundreds of pieces of paper containing hair, soil, and wool. With the experience of light and movement, these materials intermingle and transport us to the imaginary spiral of existence. Through its shape, the spiral reminds us of the womb, of paths, and continuity. Maternity Figure presents its account of life passages as an anachronistic event. The layering of compositions in the spiral does not hold a specific order. Just like life itself, events happen simultaneously, and layer together to create a path that becomes ever-evolving in its organic and sporadic nature. By walking through the narrow path of the spiral, our bodies envelop in a multitude of compositions. The space between our bodies and the paper becomes one of intimacy. We grow aware of the space our bodies occupy in the literal spiral of life, and through this realization, we become once again entrapped in a close relationship with what we once were and will be again: earth.

Exhibited in the New York Latin American Art Triennial 2022, Governors Island, NYC.

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